Under Delusion Gifts The Musical World Abroad With A Captivating Album ‘LOVER’

Under DelusionUnder Delusion / Publicity photo

Close your eyes and allow your senses to take over. Allow the sulfur smell of a fog machine to permeate your nose. Feel the sweat drenched shirt of a club kid bump into you as they dance past. Taste the stagnant air of cigarettes that are ever present. Hear the speakers blaring a trance inducing tune that overtakes you. Now open your eyes, see the hypnotic strobe lights, and just like that you are transported back to a mid 90’s club scene. To a seedy bar that brings with it an air of danger. That’s what this amazing musical offering does. It evokes a time and a place that is long gone and brings it back with no apologies. This is music that you feel with every ounce of your being. Under Delusion has crafted an outstanding album that is sure to capture the world’s attention.

The songs that grace this standout album bring a hell of a lot to the table. From the low toned and seductive female vocals, to the deep vocals akin to Depeche Mode, to the gripping guitar riffs mixed with an expert amount of New Wave synth grooves, this album is a true testament to Under Delusion’s skill level.

Under Delusion is a band that consist of members in their thirties, and every note, guitar riff and beat shows that in spades. Meaning their years of experience in crafting music plays right into the crafting of this stellar album. It’s clear from that the creative geniuses behind this album have been around the block. They are armed with a lifetime of emotional themes including anger and loss, and these themes form the foundation of this album, and provide audiences with a sense of escapism as their words are undeniably relatable. In short, behold ‘Lover’.




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