Sun King Rising’s Bluesy and Soulful New Album ‘Delta Tales’ Captures Your Mind, And Won’t Let Go

Sun King RisingSun King Rising / Publicity photo

I generally try to keep tabs on music that piques my interest when it comes, but somehow this absolute gem of an album flew under my radar. I’m unaware no more. This album is seated firmly in my crosshairs now, as after multiple listens, it is still on heavy rotation. It’s as if the music God’s infused the spirits of Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, Howlin’ Wolf and Janis Joplin into Sun King Rising, who is armed with a guttural drawl to him that oozes cool.

This album Delta Tales is a gift to not just any fan of expertly crafted music, but also to those who want to be taken on a full-fledged journey of the senses. Listening to this amazing album, I felt as if I was transported back to the French Market in New Orleans. Sitting at a bluesy bar with my wife taking in the electric atmosphere. That’s the feeling Delta Tales pumps into you. I had said this album was a journey, and it most certainly is. It’s a gripping story complete with a beginning, middle and ending. John Blangero is your conductor on this train ride through the Delta Tales.

Sun King RisingSun King Rising / Publicity photo

To speak about John Blangelo is to speak about a genius. I say that in the most literal of senses. This here is a musical prodigy who started piano lessons, and within 5 short years he had absorbed the fundamentals of classical music as well as gospel and rock. As I said, a genius. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he’s also a renowned genetic scientist? All those elements have fused together and formed Blangero’s alter ego Sun King Rising. This is his masterpiece and should keep you on the lookout for any newer to come from his unique mind.




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