Rock Against War

Help people in crisis and pass the ammunition to the Ukrainian army!

War only brings pain and suffering and many beautiful things we cherish simply cannot exist in such environment. We want to live in a civilized world where people can live without constant fear and create their future. Do not hesitate, do the right thing and support Ukraine now—fight the good fight!

You’ll find a list of reputable organizations to donate below. [Reference]


Come Back Alive and Army SOS: Supplies for the Ukrainian military, including ammunition, shields, and food.

Razom for UkraineHelp for UkraineSunflower of Peace, and Revived Soldiers Ukraine: Medical aid for the people of Ukraine—first aid kits, backpacks stuffed with medical supplies, and medical rehabilitation for injured soldiers.

The Kyiv Independent: Fund English-language journalism in the country by donating to the Kyiv Independent at its Patreon of GoFundMe accounts.


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