No Dream Transports Listeners Back To The Early 90’s With An Industrial Sound ‘Unwanted Contact’

No Dream

Nicholas Jackson gifts the music world at large with a concept album that invades the senses, and envelopes the body with a warm blanket of nostalgia. ‘Unwanted Contact’ is a true pleasure to listen to for those yearning to hear the sounds that NIN ushered in the 90’s to make a roaring comeback. Well, No Dream is here with full “usher” regalia to show you to your seat. Strap yourselves in and prepare for a ride down memory lane with a few new twists and turns thrown in to keep things fresh.

Jackson’s No Dream spins quite the yarn with ‘Unwanted Contact’ by turning the lovelorn trope on its head and flipping it into a skewered version of lust and infatuation. One which tells the tale of two sociopaths attempting to kidnap each other so that they can spend eternity together. That, in a sense, is the truest form of love. To take it to that extent.

The pulsating beat adds a cinematic feel to this musical narrative. As an audience member you feel the dirt of NY within every note, and every beat. You see the piles of garbage lines the sidewalks, and the smell permeates your nose. Before long you find yourself smack dab in the middle of this sordid love story. That is where part of Jackson’s talent lies. He is able to lay out this tale of unrequited love through not only his masterfully crafted musicianship, but with his hypnotic delivery of lyrics as well.


The synths and untuned guitars only amplify the pulsating feel of the song. No Dream’s ‘Unwanted Contact’ FEELS as if it is NYC. You hear the street sounds amidst the entire track, the neighborhood noises invade unrelentingly which adds to the nostalgic charm of this intoxicating piece.



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